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Helpful Sizings Charts

Dog Sizing Charts

Size    Back Length    Neck     Chest
S         17cm/6.69"    26cm/10.2"    26cm/10.2"
M        22cm/8.66"    28cm/11.0"    30cm/11.8"
L         25cm/9.84"    30cm/11.8"    36cm/14.2"
XL      32cm/12.6"    34cm/13.4"    40cm/15.7"
XXL    40cm/15.7"    38cm/14.9"    50cm/19.7"

1.The size of two leg clothing is based on the chest.
2.The size of the four-leg clothing is based on the back length,which is not include the tail.
3.When you measure your dog,please allow 2cm wider.

How to measure your dog?

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